Making Sense of the Arguments

Believers have debated the topic of tithing in the church for centuries. Do Christians need to tithe? Does the Bible suggest that we should tithe? There are many views on this subject. This course will look at both sides of the aisle and help you make sense of the arguments.

Why This Course?

There is definitely confusion when it comes to the topic of tithing. Some people are taught that if they don't give 10% of their income to the church, they will be cursed. Others think that tithing is simply a "good practice" that God wants everyone to obey.

It's difficult to find simple teaching about tithing out there. You can get tidbits of information, ideas, opinions, and thoughts from random people on the internet. But this course was created to help you understand the truth about tithing in a simple, well-laid-out way. We want you to be able to understand it so you can help others have correct teaching as well.

Easy Teaching

All of our courses and material are designed to be easy-to-understand. We realize that many believers aren't learning the Bible because Bible-learning-material is confusing and complex. Here, you can easily learn tithing.

10 Modules, 3+ Hours

You'll be getting everything you need to know about tithing in 10 powerful modules that extend over 3 hours. The course can be completed in one day if desired. You'll also have lifetime access to the course.

Free Book

The course was also created in book form. If you purchase the course, you also get all of the material that was covered in PDF book form so that you can easily access it in the future and solidiy your knowledge.

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You Can Learn the Topic of Tithing

You are a true studier of the Word of God! You care about the truth and believe that correct teaching is important. Tithing is a subject that many peolple could use some clarity on. We encourage you to use your passion for God's Word to learn this subject so that you can help others understand it as well.